Brevard College

Undergraduates: 701
Setting: Very small four-year, highly residential
In-state Tuition: $25,000.00
Out-of-state Tuition: $25,000.00
Student/Faculty Ratio: 10:01
SAT / ACT / GPA: 965 / 20 / 2.97
Public/Private: Private
Male/Female Ratio: 58:42
Campus Housing: Yes
Religious Affiliation: Methodist Church
Campus Housing: Yes
Acceptance Rate: 43%

Brevard College is committed to an experiential liberal arts education that encourages personal growth and inspires artistic, intellectual, and social action.

Brevard College is a small, private, United Methodist, liberal arts college in Brevard, North Carolina, United States. The college currently grants the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Music degree

Our Mission Statement Brevard College is committed to an experiential liberal arts education that encourages personal growth and inspires artistic, intellectual, and social actio n . Our Vision Statement Brevard College is distinct among liberal arts colleges because of our strong commitment to experiential education in a highly personalized learning environment where �educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflections in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values.� * Brevard College will further develop experien tial classrooms connected to the world so that our academic programs achieve regional and national recognition. Brevard College is located in a culturally vibrant community in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Guided by the heritage and traditions of the United M ethodist Church and the college motto, �learn in order to serve, � we encourage purposeful contribution to community and thoughtful stewardship of the environment. Brevard College will preserve an intimate learning environment while significantly increasin g enrollment. We will attract a diverse, national, and international student body that will graduate at rates exceeding national averages. We will attract and retain appropriately credentialed faculty who will offer an outstanding experiential education fo r our students. Brevard College will provide a living and learning environment with active, exciting, creative programs and facilities that are safe, comfortable, and sustainable with up - to - date technology. The athletic programs will be competitive and co mplement the total campus experience. Brevard College will educate and inspire students to make positive changes in the world

At Brevard College, education is much more than learning the �right answers� and doing well on a test. Education is developing students� ability to think, work in a group, and reflect upon and apply their learning to real world problems. Our classrooms are student centered, not teacher centered. Our classes are problem based; we use content to tackle important issues rather than just deliver information. In addition to learning theory, our students apply theory to real situations. We cultivate skills for individualized learning and performance, but we also develop abilities to work collaboratively in teams�just like needed in real life. We create active learning experiences that make learning interesting and applicable. We develop students� knowledge and understanding of a subject. We engage in focused reflection on their experience to identify learning they may apply to future endeavors. We don�t teach students what to think, we develop students� ability to think. With this philosophy, the possibilities for learning are endless. We learn about a subject in greater depth, with greater understanding, and with better retention. We learn and refine specific skills. We learn more about ourselves, our values, and how we work with others. Ultimately, these rich learning experiences open the doors for us to contribute to our communities, translating knowledge into action. Brevard College is committed to producing curious, prepared, and highly engaged graduates through intentionally designed, hands-on learning experiences. We don�t just want to tell you the right answer - we teach you how to question and discover the answers for yourself. We don�t want to just put a degree in your hands � we develop your ability and passion to make a difference in the world. We believe in the philosophy of experiential education, and it is reflected in the teaching methods we use in our classrooms.

Affairs Director, Autumn Weil. Brevard College has been blessed with many wonderful assets � from an awe inspiring location to our highly respected programs in the fine arts to distinctive academic offerings. But our greatest asset by far is you, our alumni. We hope that you will always feel welcome here at Brevard and that the College will continue to have a home in your heart. The Brevard College Alumni Office serves more than 10,000 former BC students from across the nation and the world. We are also honored to count among our alumni those who attended Rutherford and Weaver colleges, the founding institutions that merged in 1934 to create Brevard College.

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