Colgate University

Graduates: 9
Undergraduates: 2890
Graduates: 9
Setting: Small four-year, highly residential
In-state Tuition: $46,060.00
Out-of-state Tuition: $46,060.00
Student/Faculty Ratio: 9:01
SAT / ACT / GPA: 1355 / 31 / 3.66
Public/Private: Private
Male/Female Ratio: 45:55
Campus Housing: Yes
Religious Affiliation: N/A
Campus Housing: Yes
Acceptance Rate: 26%

Colgate's mission is to provide a demanding, expansive educational experience to a select group of diverse, talented, intellectually sophisticated students who are capable of challenging themselves, their peers, and their teachers in a setting that brings together living and learning. The purpose of the university is to develop wise, thoughtful, critical thinkers and perceptive leaders by encouraging young men and women to fulfill their potential through residence in a community that values all forms of intellectual rigor and respects the complexity of human understanding.

Colgate University is a private liberal arts college in Hamilton Village, Hamilton, New York, United States. Colgate has 53 undergraduate concentrations that culminate in a Bachelor of Arts degree. The student body comes from 47 states and 42 countries. In its 2013 edition, U.S. News and World Report ranked Colgate as the 18th best liberal arts college in the country. Colgate ranked 13th on the Forbes' top liberal arts colleges list in 2013 and 36th overall in the 2013 edition of "America's Top Colleges" from It is also listed as one of thirty Hidden Ivies and as one of Newsweek's "New Ivies".

Colgate's(mission(is(to(provide(a(demanding,(expansive,( educational(experience(to(a(select(group(of(diverse,(talented,( intellectually(sophisticated(students(who(are(capable(of( challenging(themselves,(their(peers,(and(their(teachers(in(a( setting(that(brings(together(living(and(learning.(The(purpose(of( the(University(is(to(develop(wise,(thoughtful,(critical(thinkers( and(perceptive(leaders(by(challenging(young(men(and(women( to(fulfill(their(potential(through(residence(in(a(community(that( values(intellectual(rigor(and(respects(the(complexity(of(human( understanding.((

In 1817, the Baptist Education Society of the State of New York was founded by thirteen men (six clergymen and seven laymen). Two years later, in 1819, the state granted the school's charter, and the school opened a year later, in 1820. The first classes were held in a building in the town of Hamilton. Three years later, in 1823, the Baptist Theological Seminary at New York City incorporated with the Baptist Education Society and subsequently changed its name to the Hamilton Literary & Theological Institution. Among the trustees was William Colgate, founder of a soap company. In 1826, the school's trustees bought farmland that later became the focal point of the campus, known as 'The Hill'. One year later, the current students and faculty of the school built West Hall, using stone taken from a quarry found on the land. Originally called West Edifice before being renamed to West Hall, it is the oldest structure on campus In 1846, the school changed its name to Madison University. In 1850, the Baptist Education Society planned to move the university to Rochester, but was halted by legal action. Dissenting trustees, faculty, and students founded the University of Rochester. In 1890, Madison University changed its name to Colgate University in recognition of the family and its gifts to the school. James B. Colgate, one of William Colgate's sons, established a $1,000,000 endowment called the Dodge Memorial Fund. The theological side of Colgate merged with the Rochester Theological Seminary in 1928 to become the Colgate Rochester Divinity School, leaving Colgate to become non-denominational. Colgate became coeducational in 1970


Main article: List of Colgate University people Colgate has more than 34,000 living alumni. Colgate alumni have a median starting salary of $48,700 and have a median mid-career salary of $119,000. Among small schools, Colgate is the 10th largest producer of alumni who go onto the Peace Corps. Alumni in journalism include Howard Fineman, the Chief Political Correspondent of Newsweek, Andy Rooney,[ Monica Crowley, Chris Hedges, and Bob Woodruff. In the entertainment industry, Colgate alumni include Ted Griffin, writer of the 2001 version of Ocean's Eleven, Chris Paine, director of Who Killed the Electric Car?, filmmakers Ralph Arlyck and Joe Berlinger, and all five members of Broken Lizard, the comedy troupe behind Super Troopers and Beerfest. Ed Werner and John Haney, the creators of Trivial Pursuit, are also alumni. Colgate alumni in sports include Joe Castiglione, radio announcer for the Boston Red Sox, Adonal Foyle, Greg Manusky, Cory Murphy, Mark H. Murphy, Marv Hubbard, Mark van Eeghen, Andy McDonald, Austin Smith of the Dallas Stars, and Kyle Wilson of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Chief_administrator: Jeffrey Herbst (President)
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Geographic region: Mid East DE DC MD NJ NY PA
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Undergraduate application fee: $60.00
Graduate application fee: $60.00
Member of National Athletic Association: Yes
Member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA): Yes
Member of National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIC): Yes
Member of National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA): Yes
Member of National Small College Athletic Association (NSCAA): No
Member of National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA): No